Fxxk Gmail

Originally posted to The Logarion Archive

I’m currently tiding up some of my email filters on the self hosted email server, because I might want to try and move back in (possibly) and what I see is that my emails from the US are surprisingly clean.

Well, what a fucking lie, while the IP ranges of China are clearly trash (according to the 65% of junk mail that comes through them) it doesn’t hold even the slightest to the true trash merchants.

That’s right, all that legitimate email isn’t even close, it’s all shit that’s originated from Google Mail. Yes, those assholes, the ones who’s arbitrary SPAM filters refuse to deliver any legitimate emails that don’t bend to their equally arbitrary standard.

Has the email come from a reputable IP range ? Yes ! Is the content clean ? Yes ! Is the server it’s coming from Google ? No ? WELL FUCK YOU TO THE SPAM BOX HAHAHAHA LAUGHS IN GOOGLE.

Right now I’m being nice, so I’ve sent @gmail.com and @googlemail.com messages to fester in a quarantine for a couple hours to be rescanned a few times, what I’m very close to doing is just rejecting them.

If you needed any reason to decentralise yourself from big tech, this should be the moment, go find a better provider with better privacy policies, stronger user support, and generally one that isn’t total shite.