Det regner denne helgen

Originally posted to The Logarion Archive

Because I’m impeccable with timing, I have come to Oslo again during the cold months. Granted this wasn’t exactly my choice since it’s a work thing, and so was the last visit, but next one will be in the summer months or I might cry.

Jeg har mye arbeid å gjøre

Not even just on the professional level, but also with this site. I’ve pretty much already taken offline my Plume instance but the computer it’s running on is still going for it. I really need to get to that machine, flash it, and use it for something else.

Either it’ll be trying to run a self-hosted simplelogin Instance as a part of a more over all change to how I deal with emails, or I’ll just dedicate it to publishing the site and using Protonmail Bridge (cli) to start getting back into using Alpine as my mail client.

Dette kan være vanskelig

Removing all of the publishing actions from my DreamCompute machine will be horrendous. There are a lot of things going on there that I’ve built on a string, the publishing action, the old version of Kiln, and everything else inbetween. I might stop serving the site from the cloud, it’s honestly a great backup, but when there is connectivity issues then the whole thing explodes inwards. I do have a great NAS server on my Freebox, but as I discovered last time when I upgraded my box, that data is easy to lose as not being compatible with the new hardware.

That of course can be fixed with better backups, but the reason I went for the cloud option is that is easy to spin up and mount the drive on a new machine if the hardware explodes (again).

Jeg må ut, det er kaldt, vått og i ferd med å regne

Hélas, I can’t get started until I’m back in Paris, so we’ll see how the motivation takes me. Speaking of motivation, I booked tickets to Munch Museet at 16h30 today. This of course I did yesterday when I’m like YEAH LET’S GO SEE THINGS and today me is not feeling it.