The End of GDPR & the Rise of Data Discrimination

Corrupt, Tory profiteers eliminate data protection to allow their donors to make huge profits from your private data

The Tory Government’s proposal “Data: a New Direction” threatens the vital gains UK residents have enjoyed since the landmark GDPR became law. Instead companies like Amazon and Facebook, discriminating against UK customers, will be the beneficiaries.

Erosion of transparency and accountability requirements for data controllers is at the heart of their plan, making it harder and costly for you to control your own data - what anyone can know about your public or personal life.

If it becomes law, recent challenges against:

  • Google DeepMind’s illegal seizure of NHS patient data and UK Bounty’s unlawful sharing of children’s records with data brokers would not be possible.

Children and NHS patients won’t be the only groups to lose out. Scrapping GDPR privacy laws will unleash data discrimination against:

  • Workers
  • Students
  • Vulnerable groups like
    • Migrants
    • Refugees
    • Victims of violence

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“Data: a Bew Direction” will also cripple our key right to human review, putting AI and algorithms in charge of major decisions with real life consequences.

Britain would become an Orwellian nation where everything from hiring and firing to medical advice and academic grading would be at the mercy of automated decision making.

See how the current GDPR laws stops discrimination and protects equalities

Information provided by Open Rights Group