War of Information on the Internet

Many years ago, when the WikiLeaks leakings were a hot topic for counterculture action against imperialism, I looked up and saw – with ease and on Google – many of the videos of Iraqi killings. Naturally, with soldiers talking over it.

In some videos they ask for permission to act, and in others they don’t. In some videos they explode things on their way, and in others they don’t.

But, what’s fundamental about this piece of History in the making of Information is that many of these videos are not available on the Internet anymore. Alt-rightists, or at least gun extremists, held power over these videos and probably hold them for themselves today, as they hold many things to themselves in general.

Another possible source of this info, WikiLeaks itself, is getting deeply destroyed by legal, judicial and practical action. This means that government and private means are taking action to obliterate the information available on WikiLeaks.

We get hold of the information that was always there. We get hold of the criminal e-mail publishing. We get hold of the Reuters case in Iraq. We get hold of some news.

But for those who know, WikiLeaks used to be a wealth of confidential information on the Web, with ease of access that is. Even if WikiLeaks always had access problems. This means that their network access was throttled, by physical or virtual means. This means they had the physical difficulty of setting a reachable network for everyone and the virtual difficulty of having their access throttled by the US, which is the head of FCC.

As we know, the FCC controls and has the ability to throttle the Internet all over the world, since the US is the matrix of Internet Information, something that China tries to fight against, not always in the nicest of ways.

The work of trying to separate the world’s Internet into real Clusters has been destroyed by the power of great technology companies that try to own all of the Internet traffic available Globally.

This means that services like CloudFlare or AWS, and even Facebook traffic trackers, constantly constrain our access and possibility to turn the Internet into a Cluster system with shared and partial control for everyone around the world, which is one of the dreams of Web0, partitioning the Internet, that is.

Now we get the Assange case. It’s fundamental for Web freedom because it sets a stone. It sets a stone behind the world in which we were able to get information freely and beyond the world in which we depend of a Single Web Heart, or a single AI function, to get the information we need.

Basically, this means the Internet is turning into a big television Channel. And we’re getting locked in it.

We get locked because it’s comfortable to have our audience in quick reach through easy means. It’s easy to just have an app or an Internet connection available, and just reach whoever you want to – if your current social media Daddy let it.

It’s easy to get locked in when all companies give way to the great social media owners. When the way to talk to them is through these means. When the way to talk to them is getting through these big Internet Companies.

So, what do we do? We give way ourselves. We can’t help but fade into a world where we don’t have any control of our information, any control of our data.

We can’t help but get into a world where we listen to what the Internet wants us to listen to. Where we see what the Internet wants us to see. Where we speak what the Internet wants us to speak. Where we think what the Internet wants us to think.

It’s easy. It’s like a whisper telling us we’re super intelligent, like a whisper telling us all we want to hear. Giving us all we ever wanted.

But taking from us all we ever needed. And I’m not talking about Love.