The Import Begins Today

Originally posted to The Logarion Archive

I’ve begun my project of importing my data from LiveJournal. Since I lack an automated tool to do this, it’s somewhat à la main.

Unfortunately this means I get to read some of the crap I wrote 20 years ago online that’s still in the public sphere.

Trust me when I say the temptation to curate this shit is very high, but I must forgive 18 year old me for being an idiot during an online era that was very different to today. I’m determined to get it on this archive in it’s original format, unadulterated, and of course uncurated.

But this could take forever unless I find a better method of pulling this off. I know there are some personal things in there that I put as Friends Only at the time to prevent the every day weirdness of confronting some of the people I was shit talking to my online friends, things that I wanted to vent, or just shit I was feeling as well.

Those I will have to look at and decide if I let them free in the archive, it’s a bit of a weird call since I’ve been pretty public in my online life for the past 21 (yes that long) years, but then again this isn’t the same Internet that existed back in the late 90s / early 00s.

I know there isn’t anything on there that is offensive, but there is certainly a lot of hormonal cringe and coming to terms with basically everything there is to come to terms about.

I did find a way to hit a CSV export from DreamWidth which is great cos to get it out of LiveJournal was a total struggle bus.