Look at me, I did things

Originally posted to The Logarion Archive

Ever since our new virus overlord showed up, it’s been pretty rare that I have any kind of plans that clash. But as if it was 2019, it finally happened, I had two places to be on Thursday and I was late to both of them, hashtag nature is healing.

Whatelse have I done ? Honestly god knows, I still have the mashed memories of days, but I have been looking rather passively at new appartments because I’m remote working more often.

On top of that, I felt like a change to OH.MG, I think I’ve been itching to make changes for the sake of it (obvs not to content cos I’m not that proactive). I wanted a nice lightweight design but you know, I haven’t been able to HTML for shit since 2001, so kind of stuck with templates.

I found a few I liked, ran them through GTMetrix and holy shit, no, no, no no no no no no satan. Javascript, huge CSS, and gasp IMAGES. The decision was made to not touch the classic OH.MG and like Coca Cola make a new version, except, it’s just a new can and the drink is the same.

I whacked together vaovao.oh.mg

Now, I’m hoping my googlefu was on form, because I wanted to give tribute to Madagascar for graciously allowing me to use their internet namespace, so I figured I couldn’t feck up a single word “new”. I hacked it into the webs which delivered me (hopefully) the right one, Vaovao in Malagasy.

I quite like it, comes right off the tongue (again we’re making a broad assumption I’m pronouncing it correctly).

I also wanted to make sure that at least some of this data will hang around, so I’ve used Storj to host and serve it.

While I’m in this mood I should really review my frontpage as that content is a bit stale now. But you might have noticed randomly, I’ll replace the ASCII art header for the, as the yoofs say, lolz.