I’ve grown weary

First world problems, but online

The new internet is shit and we all know it, that’s why I’m having an inspired moment to re-do OH.MG / OM.Gay properly like our lord and saviour Sir Tim Berners-Lee would have wanted.

OH.MG / OM.GAY 1996 Edition

Well perhaps not him, because the work in progress version is actually running from the gopher server, so maybe don’t tell him about that part.

Granted what you’re seeing here is a workaround to what is running the gopher proxy, normally it would do a redirect into the gopher server itself and all would be revealed but I did need to include various links for things as well as lock down Apache so it does not proxy any old gopher server, thus allowing just anybody to promote any kind of shit on OH.MG. I run this thing from my house, I ain’t got electricity or the bandwidth to deal with the Police at my door about some elsewhere user content.

Anyways, I’m rambling, right now the gopher server is a total mess and there are some additional things I need to do to prepare the server for production so feel free to poke around as you wish. Nothing here is final but I can tell you this does not play well on mobile devices, so I wish you all the best of luck with that.