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FSFE and a children's book about software freedom

FLOSS Weekly #708

The Fediverse As Composable Distributed Applications

The promise of the Fediverse is much more than replacing Twitter

Trusting Charity Directors

Since open source charity leadership comprises the software's biggest fans, a thoughtful approach is needed to representation, conflicts of interest & breach of trust.

Q&A: Simon Phipps Talks the Past, Present, and Future of Open Source Part One

Part one of an interview with me by Intel has been published.

Akka Ratchets The Rights Away

The decision of LightBend to end the open source status of Akka was in retrospect more probable than not given the available evidence.

Patent troll attacks against open source projects are up 100% since last year. Here's why

I'm quoted in a ZDNet article on the surge of patent troll attacks on #OpenSource

Akka Change Was To Be Expected

LightBend's use of the rights-ratchet model may have been predictable and suggests we should watch for other cases where it will eventually manifest.

Did the US Treasury censor code or illegal actions?

While the US government needs to clarify exactly what it was doing, in the Tornado Cash case the onus is on the cryptocurrency community to show they can abide by money-laundering law rather than appear to intentionally evade it.

Is "Open Source" Hyphenated?

Certain style guides, and an errant bloc on Wikipedia, think it should be. But they are wrong, both by grammar and by popular consensus.

COSS - Genetic Marker for Disrespect

The term "Commercial Open Source" or COSS is an indicator that you will not receive software freedom from a vendor that's enjoying it themselves.

Open Source is more than open-source!

If you are reading this article, you should already have some idea about Open Source software. Is that idea suggesting the code of the software to be available? Let's examine how well your idea fits the definition of Open Source. misses Open Source definition